Equipment for the production of metal tile

EQUIPMENT (MACHINING STATION) FOR THE PRODUCTION OF TILE EFFECT ROOFING is designed for the manufacture of tile effect roofing (Monterrey or Cascade) made of rolled metal products with a lacquered surface and of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.4…0.6 mm. Production lines for tile effect roofing include equipment for the preparation of initial bands (or sheets) for profiling (an uncoiling machine, a rolling mill, a stamp device, shears for cutting to exact length) and equipment for heaping finished metal profiles.

Tile effect roofing is a lightweight, durable, serviceable, and easy-to-install roofing that is manufactured of galvanized steel with a two-sided polymer protective coating. The outer coating of tile effect roofing is stronger and comes painted in different colors. The manufacture of tile effect roofing uses multiple protective coatings that differ in their properties. Tile effect roofing is made on the basis of a steel sheet with a thickness of 0.4-0.6 mm in various colors with a multi-layer polymer coating. It is shaped to bear close resemblance to the classic tile owing to improved manufacturing techniques in the production lines for tile effect roofing while maintaining all the advantages of metal roofing. Sheets of steel are coated with a layer of zinc or an aluminum alloy with zinc (Aluzinc) and primed, passivated, and covered with a protective colored layer of a flexible polymer that is resistant to deformation and which protects the steel from corrosion and ensures color stability.

Equipment (machining stations) for the production of tile effect roofing at our facility is represented by five production lines:

  1. production line for the Monterrey tile effect roofing;
  2. production line for the Cascade tile effect roofing.
  3. production line for the Holland tile effect roofing.
  4. production line for the Profnasteel tile effect roofing.
  5. production line for the Karol tile effect roofing.